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How to share the roads with motorcyclists

Georgia is known as a “peachy” state for motorcyclists, weather wise, and many Atlanta riders use their bikes year-round. However, even though other motorists share the roads with motorcyclists most of the year, there are still countless accidents caused by drivers who “didn’t see” motorcycles.

Failing to see a motorcyclist is not a valid excuse. Every driver is responsible for paying attention while driving, and motorcyclists have every right to be on the roads. Here are some helpful tips from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that Georgia drivers need to keep in mind year-round:

Georgia family receives new settlement in ignition interlock case

In March 2010, a 29-year-old nurse in Georgia was killed in a motor vehicle accident when her 2005 Chevy Cobalt slipped into the accessory position, causing her to run into another vehicle and then off of the road and into a creek.

Her family filed a lawsuit against GM, the manufacturer of the automobile, and evidence presented by the family’s lawyer revealed that a faulty ignition switch was used in 2.6 million Cobalts and other small vehicles before being secretly changed in 2007.

Drivers don’t need to be legally drunk to cause car wrecks

As we all know, it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle in Georgia and most other states with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 percent or higher. However, it’s important to acknowledge that a driver can still be impaired and cause an accident with a BAC level well under .08.

In fact, as we discussed at length in an article on our website, recent research has shown that drivers can be noticeably impaired even with a BAC level as low as .01 percent. A University of California, San Diego study found that drivers with a BAC level of .01 percent were 46 percent more likely than sober drivers to be responsible for deadly two-car accidents.

Injured by falling merchandise in an Atlanta store?

There are many threats in life that you can prepare for, such as preparing for a car accident by wearing a seatbelt or preparing for a tornado by going to a safe place. But there are some threats in life that you can’t prepare for and, frankly, shouldn't have to prepare for.

An example of this is falling merchandise in a grocery store, retail store, restaurant or another commercial property. When visiting these public places, the last thing you have on your mind is being seriously injured because these properties should not pose a risk.

Winter isn’t over yet: Don’t forget these important driving tips

This week, the Georgia governor issued a state of emergency in 51 northern counties as a brutal winter storm was expected to make its way through the area. Flights were cancelled, schools closed and office workers were sent home early in anticipation of the storm.

Although the storm that hit Georgia was not as severe as some feared, it was still enough to cause a mess on the roads, and the Weather Channel reported that at least four people were killed in motor vehicle accidents across the South because of winter weather.

Busload of Georgia cheerleaders hit by suspected drunk driver

Cheerleaders from the Atlanta area are lucky to be alive after their bus was involved in a head-one crash with a suspected drunk driver.

News sources reported that the accident took place early on Thursday morning of last week as a charter bus was carrying 29 cheerleaders and adult chaperones from Bullitt Central High School to a competition in Orlando, Florida.

Was negligent security to blame for your attack?

All too often people are raped and assaulted in places where they have an expectation be kept safe. Hotels, apartment complexes, bars and even shopping malls can put customers' lives in danger by not having effective security in place.

After these horrible acts occur, the offenders are not the only ones who can be held responsible. When inadequate security contributed to the incident, property owners, too, can be held liable in premises liability claims filed on behalf of the victims.

Super Bowl Sunday known for drunk drivers

This Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots will go head-to-head in Super Bowl XLIX. What Atlanta residents don’t want to do is end up going head-to-head with a drunk driver the same day.

Unfortunately, the country's most watched event of the year is also one of the biggest days of the year for fatal drunk driving accidents. For that reason, the Georgia Governor's Office of Highway Safety is urging football fans to arrange a sober ride home from Super Bowl parties in advance.

How to protect your legal rights after a car accident in Georgia

Winter is a dangerous time of year on Georgia roadways. Even though winters are brief and the state typically only sees light snowfall a few times each year, the roads can get very dangerous in rain and sleet. Weather-related car accidents are common. 

For that reason, now is a great time to read up on what to do in case you are involved in a car accident. One of the most important factors following a car accident is to make sure that fault is assessed correctly so that your rights are protected and you can be fairly compensated.

Follow these simple steps from Yahoo Auto to help make that happen:

Georgia drunk driving laws earn 4 of 5 stars from MADD

Fatal drunk driving accidents are all too common in Georgia and the rest of the United States. Perhaps what’s most upsetting is that these accidents are completely preventable, but innocent people continue to lose their lives because of the irresponsible decisions made by drunk drivers.

State and federal officials have tried to combat drunk driving by imposing strict penalties against drunk drivers and launching national campaigns raising awareness on the tragedies drunk drivers cause, but the fatalities continue.