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What if at-fault drivers aren't entirely responsible for a crash?

Sorting through the details of a motor vehicle accident can be incredibly complicated. Ultimately, it may be determined that all of the parties involved in the crash were at least partially responsible. If anyone was injured in the crash, it's natural to wonder if it's possible to recover losses in this situation.

Although it's not as simple as saying one driver was 100 percent responsible for causing an accident, the legal principle of contributory negligence allows accident victims to recover even if they were partially responsible for a crash. This concept applies to personal injury cases in Florida.

Who can file a wrongful death claim in Georgia?

After going through the emotional roller coaster associated with a fatal accident, the victim's loved ones may resolve to move forward with legal action. However, it's probably most beneficial to determine which relatives are legally eligible to pursue a wrongful death claim before going any further.

Just as we have discussed the wrongful death statute of limitations in the past, running into legal hurdles right off the bat can be frustrating. Thankfully, however, Georgia state law provides some rules for the parties eligible to file a claim.

Don't let drunk driving accident losses be overlooked

It should not come as a shock that driving under the influence is a dangerous act. Beyond that, it's also a demonstration of irresponsibility. The sad reality is that drunk driving does impact other people, not just the driver.

Accident statistics from the state of Georgia bear this out in explicit fashion. According to data compiled by Mothers Against Drunk Driving, alcohol was involved in 25 percent of all traffic fatalities in Georgia. Beyond that, slightly less than 6,000 people were injured as the result of alcohol-influenced driving.

Driving under the influence of...food? Eating poses accident risk

At one time or another, everyone has been in a rush to get somewhere. Whether a person needs to get to the office on time or drop the kids off at school, running behind can cause a person to engage in a number of risky behaviors behind the wheel.

Of course, speeding is probably the first dangerous driving habit that comes to mind in this scenario. However, if a person is running behind, he or she may also be trying to cram a meal into time spent behind the wheel. While drivers may not consider this a serious form of distraction, data from a study suggests otherwise.

Georgia landlords have a duty to protect against apartment fires

For any number of reasons, a person might decide to rent an apartment. One key aspect of being a renter is knowing that a landlord or property manager will be available to help address outstanding maintenance concerns.

Even though this is the way a landlord-tenant relationship should work, reality doesn't reflect this ideal. And, unfortunately, renters are usually the ones who suffer most from a negligent landlord.

One of the biggest safety concerns in any multi-unit dwelling is doing what's necessary to prevent a fire. When an apartment catches fire, multiple individuals and families may be exposed to the risk of serious injuries.

Determining the costs of an accidental death

Losing a close relative is never an easy experience. However, if a person dies unexpectedly in an accident, his or her relatives are obviously unable to make any sort of preparations. This sudden life change can bring about a feeling of helplessness, in addition to the grief stemming from the loss.

For families that lose an income earner and parental figure, the costs associated with an accidental death could be tremendous. If negligence contributed to the individual's passing, then it may be possible to move forward with a wrongful death claim. As this option is considered, surviving family members might wonder what losses can be compensated.

Commercial truck drivers must take responsibility for rig's speed

Most people have probably been under a time crunch. When running behind schedule, some people might do whatever it takes to meet a deadline.

While this might be a common experience, people should not lose sight of responsibility when trying to meet a deadline. Although that sentiment could apply to many areas of life, it's particularly true for motorists. Speed limits exist for a reason: safety. Failure to follow the law can put many others in danger.

For commercial truck drivers who are consistently asked to meet shipping deadlines, this concern is especially real.

Passengers injured in car accidents have rights worth defending

In many instances, riding in a vehicle as a passenger is something many people do without a second thought. However, passengers and drivers are all susceptible to injuries in the event of a car accident.

The interesting aspect of being a passenger is that individuals in this position have essentially no control over the outcome of a trip. Passengers are at the mercy of the judgment of and decisions made by other people. As a result of this, people may feel powerless when if they are involved in a car wreck.

Despite this feeling, injured passengers have rights and can seek compensation when an accident is caused by negligent or reckless behavior.

Georgia officials aim for holiday independent of DUI crash deaths

It seems as though law enforcement officials take similar steps every major holiday weekend: Increasing the number of drunk driving patrols. As the Fourth of July holiday approaches, Georgia police have already announced their intentions to ramp up arrests for driving under the influence in order to prevent accidents.

The unfortunate reality is that police need to continue their efforts, because the July 4th holiday weekend is often accompanied by drunk driving deaths. In 2012, 179 people were killed nationwide between the evening of July 3 and the early morning of July 5. All of this tragedy occurred in less than 48 hours' time.

'It won't happen to me' attitude plagues Georgia roads

Roads in and around Atlanta are almost always bustling. Under these traffic conditions, some motorists might reach the incorrect conclusion that they are essentially anonymous and their conduct will go unnoticed. This mindset can have devastating consequences, particularly in terms of drinking and driving.

Of course, no one intends to be arrested for driving under the influence. Still, far too many people are arrested for this preventable offense. One Georgia law enforcement officer indicates that this problem often stems from an individual's belief that he or she will not be pulled over and cited by police. Even though people don't think they will be involved in a DUI-related incident, it can and does happen.

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