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Car accidents can lead to serious injuries or death in Georgia

Finding out that a loved one has been killed in a car wreck through no fault of his or her own may naturally be overwhelmingly distressful. Car accidents can happen when a driver decides to speed or engage in other types of negligent or reckless behavior, such as driving while distracted. Unfortunately, several people ended up dying in a recent vehicle accident allegedly stemming from speeding in Georgia.

The accident happened when a sport utility vehicle was quickly going east, police said. The SUV driver tried to go around a curve. However, the driver ended up losing control of the vehicle, causing the automobile to overturn. The SUV then rolled over and killed a 57-year-old man who was riding a lawnmower, authorities said.

Family may file wrongful death suit after "accidental" shooting

A woman who had been living in the United States for years recently took her oath of citizenship, but sadly her life was taken from her not long after. The 68-year-old American citizen was visiting a sick relative who lived near Atlanta when she was shot and fatally wounded. While the shooter says that it was an accident, and his claim is being investigated, the woman's family can still pursue a wrongful death suit if they choose.

With her new American citizenship and the ease of international travel, the woman had planned a trip back to her home country, but she wanted to visit a sick cousin before she left, in case the cousin passed away while she was gone. She and her cousin, along with four other relatives, had gone out for a walk when a gun fired from across the street. The bullet hit the woman in the side, and she tragically bled to death.

Accidental death results in charges for North Georgia man

An accidental death from a gunshot resulted in charges being filed against a North Georgia man. The incident took place in Helen, and the police were called when a gunshot was fired. One man was injured and one woman was killed. The accidental death charges were filed after law enforcement established the sequence of events.

When law enforcement arrived on the scene, a man was found in possession of a small-caliber gun and a gunshot wound to the hand. There was also a woman nearby who had also apparently suffered from a gunshot. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is looking into the incident, but it was that the gun owner accidentally fired the gun into his own hand.

Georgia Car Accidents: DUI suspected in recent collisions

Georgia police officers had a busy day following two accidents that were supposedly caused by the same person. Sadly, multiple people suffered unspecified injuries as a result of these events. Local law enforcement officers have indicated that they believe impaired driving was a contributing factor in these car accidents.

Two separate, but ultimately related, accidents occurred earlier this month in Augusta. A 29-year-old male has been arrested for causing not just one, but two accidents that left several people injured, including himself. The first incident has been described as a hit-and-run event. It is unknown if anyone was injured in this accident.

Was distracted driving to blame for 18-wheeler accident?

A horrific traffic crash in Valdosta, Georgia has reminded many in the state of the dangers inherent in road travel. An 18-wheeler accident has taken the lives of four people, including a 3-year-old child. Upon early investigation, police suspect that the driver of the tractor-trailer may have been distracted at the time of the crash.

The accident took place on a recent Sunday night. A blown tire caused one driver to run into a retaining wall on I-75. Another vehicle crashed into that car, which backed up traffic on the roadway as emergency responders arrived at the scene. Meanwhile, an 18-wheeler approached the stopped traffic, and failed to stop in time to avoid a collision.

Road safety concerns after a deadly Georgia truck accident

After a deadly truck accident in McDuffie County in Georgia, local residents are questioning the safety of a particular intersection. The truck accident involved two different semi-trucks and left one of the truck drivers dead. Concerns have been raised after the accident because the intersection of Wire Road and HIghway 117 has seen a number of serious and even deadly accidents.

One local resident says that he witnessed a deadly accident at this particular intersection before. The man suggested that the intersection was not built to handle a high volume of traffic. Local community residents have wanted a traffic light to be placed at the intersection, but it is currently only marked by stop signs. The most recent accident was apparently caused after one of the truck drivers ran a stop sign, but he is not currently facing criminal charges from the incident.

Wrongful death suit could follow recent police report

When a Georgia driver gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, he or she assumes a range of responsibilities. Not only do drivers have an obligation to operate safely on the roadways, they also take on the responsibility of the safety and well-being of any passengers within their vehicle. When a driver fails to create and maintain a safe driving environment and a fatal accident occurs, the eventual result could be a wrongful death suit.

This is true even in cases in which the driver was also killed within the crash. In such cases, the family of a deceased passenger has the ability to sue the driver’s estate for wrongful death. Such may be the case in a drunk driving crash that took the life of two young athletes. Police have released their report on the fatal crash, and have stated that alcohol played a causal role.

Tractor-trailer accident end the life of track star

The loss of any life is tragic, especially to those who knew and loved the person who has passed on. However, there are some deaths that hit a community especially hard. The recent loss of one former University of Georgia track star is an example of a death that is shocking to many, all the more so because it seems to have been utterly preventable. Torrin Lawrence died during a terrible tractor-trailer accident while standing near a disabled vehicle.

Lawrence had a record-winning career at Georgia, and has continued to excel in the years since. He most recently represented the United States in an opening round of the IAAF World Relays, which took place just two months ago. Word of his recent death has led many in the track and field community to speak out, including several Olympic athletes.

Police officer injured in one of Georgia's car accidents

Those who live here in Georgia may be accustomed to seeing traffic accidents on their commutes to and from work in Atlanta or other areas of Fulton County. What is less typical is when one of the responding police officers becomes hurt themselves by a passing vehicle. This is what police say happened to one of their own who was responding to one of the car accidents on Ga. 400 southbound.

According to authorities, the officer was parked in the emergency lane on the side of the highway tending to an accident that had occurred just minutes before. Another car apparently moved into the emergency lane and hit the officer’s car, pushing it over 100 feet before it stopped. He was injured and had to be rushed to a local hospital, along with the driver of the car who is accused of hitting him.

3 die in fatal truck accident in Georgia

When driving on the road, a motorist should always try to be aware of his or her surroundings. This includes watching out for obstacles on the road as well as for other vehicles. Failure to do so can result in a collision which can cause serious injuries or even death. This may have been what happened in a recent fatal truck accident in Georgia.

The accident happened around noon one day in late July. A tractor-trailer was traveling down the road at the same time another vehicle was driving northbound. Apparently the vehicle that was driving northbound took a left turn across the highway. The truck, which was traveling southbound, was not able to slow down quickly enough to avoid crashing into the car.

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