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2 drivers run red lights, 3 children killed in fatal accident

Traffic signals, such as red lights, provide instructions for drivers as they try to maneuver through intersections. When drivers try to "beat the light" or fail to follow the signals of the light, accidents can occur. One recent accident on River Watch Parkway claimed the life of three children because two drivers chose to disobey the traffic signal at an intersection.

In this case, two drivers were arrested and now face charges related to the accident. The investigation into the accident revealed that both drivers involved in the accident ran the red lights, which caused the accident. One man was driving a pickup truck eastbound. The other man, who was driving the car that was occupied by three children, was turning left. The driver of the pickup truck slammed into the car.

Why should truck drivers watch the tire pressure indicator?

Truck drivers have to be vigilant about various aspects of the truck they are driving to ensure that it remains safe to drive. One feature in some semi-trucks is the tire pressure monitoring system. The TPMS has been an addition that is compulsory since 2000. Starting in 2007, many vehicle manufacturers have recognized the importance of the TPMS and included them as part of a standard package.

What is the function of the TPMS?

Woman's children file lawsuit after her death at concert

Building codes are established to help keep the public safe. When building codes aren't followed, people can be seriously injured. A recent lawsuit highlights how serious those injuries can be. The lawsuit was filed in the Bibb County State Court by the children of a woman who died after an accident Washington Park.

In the lawsuit, the woman's children noted that their mother fell and hit her head on stairs leading up to where her vehicle was parked. The lawsuit notes that the stairs didn't have a handrail, which is required by law for all exterior commercial stairs that have two or more steps.

'100 deadliest days' for teen drivers are here

School is out, or soon to be, which for many Georgia teens means summer jobs, or just cruising around with their friends. This increased time on the road for inexperienced young motorists often also leads to a spike in car crashes, which is why AAA calls this time the “100 deadliest days” of the year for teen drivers, according to WKBN-TV.

Though teens often think they are invincible, the statistics say otherwise. In 2013, an average of 220 teenage drivers and passengers died in collisions per month during the summer, 43 percent more than the rest of the year. Most of the victims of a crash involving a teen driver are people other than that driver, who likely had little control over the young driver’s ability to handle their vehicle safely. A total of 2371,645 people were hurt and 2,927 killed in accidents involving a teenage driver in 2013, AAA said.

MARTA train collides with bus stuck on track, chaos ensues

Last month, six people were injured when a MARTA train colluded with a bus in East Point, Georgia. The surveillance video from inside the bus shows the terrifying ordeal that the bus passengers went through as the bus sat on the train tracks while the train approached.

Because traffic had backed up from a stoplight ahead, part of the bus was sitting on the tracks, right in the path of the oncoming train. Realizing that the bus was not going to be able to move in time, passengers jumped up from their seats and ran for their lives.

Keep your kids safe while swimming with these safety tips

Summer is quickly approaching, and for many children in Atlanta, that means spending hot days splashing around in cool swimming pools. However, swimming pools and other bodies of water can be extremely dangerous, whether or not hazardous conditions are present.

In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, two children under the age of 14 die from drowning every day in the United States. Additionally, drowning is the leading cause of death attributable to unintentional injury in the U.S. for children who are between 1 and 4 years old.

Georgia officials launching seatbelt campaign to curb fatalities

Last month, we discussed how highway fatalities in the state of Georgia had jumped significantly by 25 percent during the year’s first quarter. This week, state officials said they plan to curb the disturbing trend with a crackdown on seatbelt usage.

The crackdown will be led by the Georgia State Patrol and joined by other police agencies, and it will begin on May 18. It will target evening times, when most motor vehicle fatalities occur. Officers will be using a mounted light to see into vehicles. If a vehicle’s occupants are unbuckled, the officer will radio to officers down the road to make a stop.

Accidents caused by truck driver fatigue remain a problem

While motor vehicle accidents, overall, have been on the decline in recent years in the United States, serious accidents involving large trucks have been on the rise.

This concerns the chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board. He said truck driver fatigue causes about 13 percent of trucking accidents and plays a role in more than half -- and it is not an easy thing to combat.

Georgia Tech student suffers brain injury in fall from tall bunk

The mother of a Georgia Tech student who fell seven feet off of his loft bed at his fraternity and suffered a skull fracture is now leading a safety campaign in effort to prevent the same thing from happening to other students.

The Georgia Tech student has been living at an Atlanta rehabilitation center for the past four months learning how to walk and use his arms again after the accident. According to past reports, the 20-year-old was sleeping in his bunk when he fell out and landed on the linoleum floor. 

Georgia highway fatalities shockingly high so far in 2015

It was recently reported that highway fatalities have increased significantly in Georgia so far this year, and officials can’t say exactly why.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that roadway deaths are up by close to a third so far in 2015, which is a major concern, especially because roadway deaths have been on the decline for several years.