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Determining the cause of big rig accidents is vital

One of the most important things that can affect your claim for compensation after a semi-truck accident is the cause of the accident. If you were injured in a semi-truck accident, you might not feel up to trying to determine what caused the accident. We can investigate your case to determine what caused the accident. Once we figure that out, we can determine who to list as a defendant in your claim.

When a semi-truck accident occurs, there is often more than just one party to hold accountable for the accident. If the cause of the accident was driver fatigue, company policies might have been the reason why the trucker was driving while fatigued. In that case, it might be possible for the trucking company to be listed as a defendant.

Your actions matter after a semi-truck accident

All automobile accidents are frightening. When the accident involves a semi-truck, the fear you experience might be even more pronounced. It is vital that you understand some basic points about how you should react after a big rig accident.

The most important thing you should do is to seek medical care if you need it. After the accident, you should call emergency services so you can get medical care and so that the police department can be notified of the accident. When it comes to medical care, you should be evaluated after a semi-truck accident even if you don't think that you were injured. In some cases, injuries can become evident days after the accident.

Are property owners liable for injuries to a child on their land?

The liability that property owners have for injuries on their property usually depends on the status of the person who is injured. That means that they have a liability for people who are invited onto the property, but usually not for people who are on the property for an illegal person. That determination of liability doesn't have a bearing when the person who is injured is a child. The legal doctrine of attractive nuisance often provides a way for the property owner to be held liable.

What is an attractive nuisance?

What is needed to prove a dram shop liability claim in Georgia?

In 1980, when Mothers Against Drunk Driving was founded, each year more than 25,000 people died in drunk driving accidents. Since then, the annual number of DUI accident deaths has been reduced by half.

At Law & Moran, we have worked in cooperation with MADD in efforts to prevent DUI injuries and deaths, but we know that more needs to be done. In terms of education and law enforcement, prevention efforts must be ongoing, not only to hold drivers accountable, but also to hold accountable stores and drinking establishments that sell alcohol to visibly intoxicated individuals.

Guardrail heights questioned after Braves fan falls to his death

The height of guardrails at sports stadiums is being called into question after an Atlanta Braves fan fell to his death from the upper deck. This is the third person who died at Turner Field in 8 years. The other two were ruled to be a suicide and an alcohol-related death. Still, the question about the height standards for railings comes to mind after the most recent death, which was ruled an accident by the Fulton County Coroner.

The medical examiner on the case said that blunt-force trauma to the torso and the head are what killed the man who fell from the upper level during the seventh inning into the area on the lower level where players' family members sit. He was pronounced dead at Grady Memorial Hospital.

Improper maintenance and load securing cause big rig accidents

In our previous blog post, we discussed how many semi-truck accidents are caused by passenger vehicle drivers who make some common errors. We also discussed how unreasonable schedules and compensation systems that put the focus on speedy deliveries can play a part in semi-truck accidents. Those aren't the only factors that can lead to these horrible accidents.

Semi-truck drivers have to ensure that the load they are carrying is safe. This means that they should ensure their equipment is in proper working order and that the load is properly secured. When the equipment isn't properly maintained or the load isn't secured, accidents can occur.

Several factors can lead to a semi-truck accident

One of the most common questions after an accident involving a semi-truck is how the accident occurred. It might shock some motorists to learn that the majority of accidents with semi-trucks are caused by motorists in passenger vehicles. One example of this would be driving in the areas around the truck where the trucker can't see. Another example is failing to signal and falsely thinking that the trucker should be able to react quickly to the actions of the motorist.

Even though the majority of passenger vehicle accidents with semi-trucks are caused by the motorist, there are instances in which the trucker might be the person who was at fault. There are a variety of causes that might lead to an accident caused by a trucker.

Drunk driving accidents can cause injuries, civil claims possible

Drunk driving accidents are defined as any accident in which one of the drivers involved has a blood-alcohol concentration of at least .08 percent for drivers over 21 years old or .00 percent for drivers under 21 years old, which is the legal limit for the BAC.

The most recent data published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration notes that there was one fatality caused by a drunk driving-related accident every 52 minutes in the United States in 2013. The risk of fatal drunk driving accident is one reason why campaigns targeting drunk driving are prevalent.

Special considerations after a drunk driving accident injury

Being involved in an automobile accident is a frightening experience. You might be worried about your injuries, the damage to your vehicle and other factors. If you find out that the driver who hit you was intoxicated, you might feel some anger about the accident. We can help you turn that anger into something productive by helping you to explore your options for seeking compensation.

We know that thinking about the monetary aspects of a drunk driving accident isn't easy. You will probably have to deal with insurance companies who only want to hurry up and settle your claim. While a quick settlement might seem like a great deal, you should think about how that settlement now might affect your finances in the future.

Can I get a concussion if I fall and hit my head?

Being involved in a slip-and-fall accident or a similar accident can lead to head injuries if your head is struck during the accident. A blow to the head can cause brain injuries. One of the most common brain injuries, a concussion, can lead to life-altering effects.

What can cause a concussion?