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Georgia officials aim for holiday independent of DUI crash deaths

It seems as though law enforcement officials take similar steps every major holiday weekend: Increasing the number of drunk driving patrols. As the Fourth of July holiday approaches, Georgia police have already announced their intentions to ramp up arrests for driving under the influence in order to prevent accidents.

The unfortunate reality is that police need to continue their efforts, because the July 4th holiday weekend is often accompanied by drunk driving deaths. In 2012, 179 people were killed nationwide between the evening of July 3 and the early morning of July 5. All of this tragedy occurred in less than 48 hours' time.

'It won't happen to me' attitude plagues Georgia roads

Roads in and around Atlanta are almost always bustling. Under these traffic conditions, some motorists might reach the incorrect conclusion that they are essentially anonymous and their conduct will go unnoticed. This mindset can have devastating consequences, particularly in terms of drinking and driving.

Of course, no one intends to be arrested for driving under the influence. Still, far too many people are arrested for this preventable offense. One Georgia law enforcement officer indicates that this problem often stems from an individual's belief that he or she will not be pulled over and cited by police. Even though people don't think they will be involved in a DUI-related incident, it can and does happen.

Are there time limits on filing a wrongful death suit in Georgia?

Losing a loved one is never an easy experience. However, nothing can prepare family and friends for an unexpected loss due to an accident. As a result of this, the grieving process may be extended as loved ones spend time trying to figure out how they will move forward with a noticeable hole in their lives.

Prematurely losing a family member has the ability to inflict both emotional and financial damages. In addition to the loss of counsel and time spent with a loved one, families may be left with the burden of losing income. As such, this could make the gravity of the loss even more apparent.

Burn injuries can leave victims with irreparable damage

Few things are as startling as the thought of losing a home to a fire. Considering that valued keepsakes and the source of so many memories could be destroyed within a short period of time is something that may be difficult to fathom.

Of course, there is another serious consequence associated with fires: burn injuries. Depending on the extent of a burn, a person may be forced to deal with scars or pain that persists for years.

No laughing matter: Tracy Morgan seriously injured in truck crash

Tracy Morgan is best known for being the funny man on "Saturday Night Live" and "30 Rock." Unfortunately, the comedic actor is the subject of recent headlines: Morgan was involved in a deadly six-vehicle crash.

According to reports, Morgan was in a tour vehicle with several associates and fellow comedians. The vehicle was struck by a semi truck being operated by a driver who is based out of Georgia. Apparently the trucker did not reduce his big rig's speed as he approached traffic further up the road. In attempting to swerve and avoid a crash, the truck driver collided with the tour vehicle's rear end.

Construction site dangers not limited to impacting workers

A new construction project springing up might be a very exciting sight for many people. Atlanta residents may be encouraged by the possibility of a new residential building, restaurant or other public facility. Whatever the case, construction is generally seen as a sign of economic growth and opportunity.

As we discussed in an article on our firm's site, construction may view their places of work a little differently from time to time. Construction sites are full of safety hazards that can inflict cause injuries among the most cautious of workers without warning. This, of course, is a cause for concern, since the negligence of construction companies or others involved in a project may have contributed to the injury.

Drunk boating emerges as a safety concern during the summer

In a recent blog post, we discussed the hazards created by busy highways during the Memorial Day holiday weekend. During that time, however, car accidents were not the only thing concerning public safety officials. Given that people enjoy spending time on the water while gathering for the holiday, drunk boating became a focus for law enforcement.

Despite the fact that operating a boat is not quite the same as driving a vehicle on land, other people on the water or boat passengers are put in danger by risky decisions while at the helm of a watercraft. Public officials recently announced that 10 fewer people were arrested for drunk boating this Memorial weekend as compared to last year's holiday. Certainly, this is progress, but a problem still exists.

What if insurers offer a settlement after a car accident?

After a car accident, most drivers probably know that they should exchange auto insurance information. Of course, this is assuming that all of those involved in the crash remain at the scene and have an active insurance policy.

For accident victims, exchanging insurance information marks the beginning of the process to recover damages for property loss, lost wages, medical bills and other. Shortly after the incident, the at-fault driver's insurance company may be looking to offer a settlement.

When trying to deal with the pain and stress of recovery, it may seem like the simplest thing to accept the first offer made by the insurance company and try to put the accident in the past. However, it's worth wondering whether or not that is the best thing to do.

Bicycle accident prevention is a two-way street

For any number of reasons, people may turn to cycling as a means for transportation or recreation. According to a report from Atlanta's National Public Radio affiliate, bicycles are a growing presence on roads throughout the city and states. Of course, seeing larger numbers of bikers is likely to cause a disruption for those who aren't used to this trend.

Given the growth in popularity of biking in Georgia, it's fitting that public officials have used the month of May -- National Bike Month -- to emphasize safety. Supporters of safer roads for bikers indicate that a increasing numbers of cyclists could explain large numbers of bike injuries. Nationwide, there were nearly 50,000 injuries connected to a bike accident in 2012.

Brace for busy, dangerous Georgia highways this holiday weekend

For many people, summer is a truly joyful time of year. As the season approaches, many people may be laying plans to go on trips or gather with loved ones for a backyard barbecue. More immediately, however, people may be making preparations for the Memorial Day holiday weekend, which is often considered the unofficial start of summer.

As Georgia residents look to take advantage of an extended weekend, many families may be hitting the road. As a result of this, highways in the Atlanta area and throughout the state could become very congested, which may set the stage for unfortunate consequences.