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Accidental death follows police chase

When Georgia drivers take to the roads, they each assume a number of responsibilities to those whom they might encounter on their travels. Drivers must take care that their vehicle is in a safe operating condition and that they themselves are in good physical shape. Drivers must monitor road conditions, obey rules and road signs, and generally act in a manner that is responsible and cautious. When an individual fails to abide by these responsibilities, the result can be an accidental death.

A prime example lies in the news of a recent crash that took the life of one individual and seriously injured another. The crash occurred during what appears to be a police chase in Rockdale County. Multiple vehicles were involved, including several police cruisers.

Wrongful death suit possible in Republican staffer's death

When a family loses a loved one, that loss is difficult to accept. This is even more true in cases in which the loved one was young, and when his or her death was in vain. For one family of a Georgia man killed in a recent car crash, moving on may be a challenge. When a life is cut short in such a violent manner, a wrongful death suit often follows.

The investigation into the accident is ongoing, and police have not yet determined the cause of the incident. What is known is that two cars were involved in a collision in the northbound lanes of Georgia 400. The crash took place in the early afternoon of a recent weekday.

Wrongful death suit could follow fatal church van crash

Many Georgia residents are troubled by the recent death of an elderly woman who was involved in an automobile accident. The fatal crash took place between a truck and a church van. The woman killed in the incident was riding as a passenger in the van, and charges are pending against the driver whom police believe is responsible for the crash. Should it be determined that negligence played a role in the incident, a wrongful death suit might also be on the horizon.

Upon preliminary investigation, police say that a church van carrying four people was in the intersection of Mud Road and Highway 119 in Bulloch County when the driver of a truck failed to stop at the stop sign posted at the intersection. As a result, he crashed into the side of the church van, overturning the vehicle. Three people who were riding in the van sustained serious injuries, and were rushed to an area hospital for emergency medical treatment.

Deputy injured by a drunk driver, impaired by drugs

Virtually every Georgia resident is aware of the dangers faced by those within the community who seek employment as a police officer or member of the Sheriff's Department. These men and women choose a career aimed at protecting those around them, often at their own risk. When one of them is harmed, the incident strikes a chord within the larger community. Such is the case with the recent news of a Gwinnett County sheriff's deputy who was struck and injured by a man impaired by drug use, which is the same charge faced when one is injured by a drunk driver.

The 32-year-old deputy was not on duty at the time of the crash, but was working on a traffic detail for the Georgia Department of Transportation Zone. He was assisting a construction crew along Interstate 85 and had his patrol vehicle parked along the HOT lane with lights flashing to alert drivers of the roadwork ahead. Around 11 p.m. a vehicle crashed into the patrol car, injuring the deputy.

Premises liability suit follows attempted theft

When a Georgia resident enters a place of business, he or she can expect that a reasonable level of precaution has been taken to ensure the safety of all visitors and workers. Some readers will be surprised to learn that this standard can be expected to extend beyond the hours of operation, and even applies to individuals who are on a given site with the intent of committing a crime. One recent premises liability suit underscores the fact that a business must take the proper precautions to ensure the safety of all.

The suit focuses on the death of a teenage boy who was attempting to steal metal rods from a midwestern construction company. The 16-year-old and two friends, also minors, were present at the company's site after hours. While attempting to remove metal rods from construction rods, the walls collapsed. The 16-year-old was pinned underneath the debris and sustained fatal injuries.

Will Joan Rivers' accidental death lead to malpractice suit?

With the recent passing of comedian Joan Rivers, many in Georgia remember the long career of the woman who often pushed the boundaries of propriety and humor, but who nonetheless enjoyed a career that spanned many decades. Rivers died during a routine medical procedure. Her accidental death has sparked a great deal of debate over whether medical malpractice played a causal role.

Rivers had given consent for an endoscopic examination of her throat. However, a biopsy was completed after the endoscopic procedure, and it is uncertain whether Rivers had authorized such a procedure. It is possible that Rivers and her doctor discussed the matter beforehand, or if Rivers gave her consent for a biopsy or any other procedure that the doctor deemed medically necessary.

2 killed in most recent of fatal accidents

Georgia readers may be aware of a recent collision that claimed the lives of two prominent citizens in the Macon County area. The drivers involved in the crash were a city council member from Marshallville, a 65-year-old woman, and a local peach grower, a 74-year-old man. Police are still working to determine the cause of this most recent of Georgia fatal accidents.

As of the time of this report, police believe that the peach grower allowed his vehicle to cross the center line of travel as he was heading northbound on Highway 49. The city council member was traveling in the southbound lanes and apparently was unable to avoid colliding with the other vehicle as it entered her lane. The head-on collision claimed the lives of both drivers.

Many fatal accidents occur due to improper lane changes

Georgia drivers are taught to be cautious when changing lanes to be sure that there is not a vehicle in the driver's blind spot.  Numerous fatal accidents occur due to an improper lane change because a driver failed to take the time to ensure the lane is clear.  Police believe this was the case in a recent crash that killed a man.

The Georgia man was riding his motorcycle with his wife along with a second couple.  An SUV made a lane change, which a witness says caused the man's motorcycle to hit the pavement.  The witness and watched it travel a short distance before he noticed that the biker was actually being dragged by the SUV. 

Wrongful death suit could follow this fatal car crash

When making the decision to travel by automobile, virtually every Georgia resident is aware that there are risks involved. In many cases, people take steps to minimize those risks, such as avoiding driving during peak traffic times or late at night when the risk of encountering a drunk driver is believed to be elevated. A recent crash, however, demonstrates that there are risks present at all times, even during a Sunday afternoon drive. The case may lead to criminal charges, and possibly wrongful death suits against the responsible party.

While the crash remains under investigation, police have stated that a mother and daughter have died as a result of injuries sustained during the accident. The women were traveling northbound on Old Augusta Road South in Springfield when a pickup truck heading southbound on that road crossed into their lane of travel. The resulting crash also included a third vehicle.

2 killed in accidental death from head-on collision

Georgia police are working to determine what led to a fatal car crash that has claimed the lives of two men. The crash took place on a recent Wednesday afternoon in Valdosta. Thunderstorms were in the area during the time of the crash, and may have played a role in what police have determined was a head-on collision resulting in the accidental death of both drivers.

When weather is a consideration, police must work to determine what role, if any, weather conditions played in a fatal car crash. In this case, the road at the scene of the crash was wet at the time emergency responders arrived, and police were unable to identify any marks on the roadway. As the two men, both in their 20s, traveled toward each other on Rocky Ford Road, it appears that one or both crossed the center line into the path of oncoming traffic.

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