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Couple files lawsuit after dog attack in Georgia

There are a number of different conditions that could lead to a premises liability lawsuit. For example, a shopper could slip and fall in some sort of liquid in a grocery store, or someone could trip and fall on a broken sidewalk outside of a restaurant. These would both be grounds for a premises liability lawsuit.

However, while we tend to focus on premises conditions, it is important to remember that owner negligence in terms of dog bites also falls under the umbrella term of premises liability.

For example, recently in Georgia, a couple and the wife's grandmother were searching for a potential residence when a dog attacked. Supposedly, the three bulldogs had gotten lose after somehow chewing through their leashes.

During the incident, the husband screamed for help as his wife attempted to chase the dogs away and the grandmother called 911. However, the attack continued for 10 minutes until a neighbour came to the aid of the house hunters. This neighbour reportedly shot and killed one of the dogs and injured another.

One of the bulldogs ran off into the woods and the other was caught by the Best Friends Humane Society.

The husband ended up suffering from dog bites on his legs, arms and head. He received nearly 40 staples for these injuries.

Now the family is planning to take legal action against the dogs' owner. They stated that the dog attack could have been avoided if the owner had not provoked the dogs by having them chained up. They are also urging anyone with dogs who are known to be aggressive to go through proper training with their pets to avoid a similar incident from happening.

When it comes to pets, owners should be aware of their responsibilities. Aside from proper care, owners must also prevent their dogs from causing harm and injuries to other people. If a pet owner knows that their pets have a tendency to be aggressive, it should be addressed before a problem occurs.

Source: My, "Dog attack victim's family speaks out," Colby Gallagher, Dec. 30, 2012

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