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Drunk driving accidents rise during Super Bowl weekend

Football fans in Atlanta and Fulton, as well as around the country, waited a long time for the much anticipated event: the Super Bowl. Unfortunately authorities have found that during this event the rate of impaired driving goes way up. Georgia State Patrol Troopers, together with local authorities, prepared for the rise of drunk driving accidents over the Super Bowl weekend.

Accidents caused by drunk drivers may result in serious injuries to the drivers, to their passengers, and to other drivers. In fact, drunk driving accounts for one-third of the fatal accidents in the nation. Police officers in Georgia are therefore very strict with DUI cases. With so many people expected to attend Super Bowl parties, a good number of drivers were anticipated to drive while intoxicated. In Albany, troopers and police officers, at various road checks, charged approximately 15 people with DUIs the Thursday night before Super Bowl Sunday.

Partying during the Super Bowl is normal, but drivers should refrain from from driving drunk afterward. They might avoid not only an accident, but also costly fines, license revocation and worse, incarceration. Party hosts and bar owners may be held liable for their guests who leave their premises after drinking too much.

Drunk driving accidents have claimed many lives in Georgia, and crash survivors often suffer serious injuries and permanent disabilities. The victims of drunk driving accidents or their surviving families face many legal challenges and need to be aggressive in making their claims for compensation. Legal professionals can assist victims and their families whose lives have been altered by accidents. Monetary damages and other awards may help families get back on track and start anew.

Source:, "DUI's climb during Super Bowl," Jim Wallace, Feb. 2, 2013

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